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We create brand for you

  • Unique online store Оrganic Search
  • You save your money on advertising
  • Integrated approach to the development of individual design and functionality
  • All details and nuances of your activity are considered
  • The most advanced content management systems
  • Fashion trends and stylish color schemes

Online store "Organic Search"

Domain as a gift for a year
The perfect solution for your successful business.

What does our package of services include?

  1. Domain name definition
  2. Unique design for you
  3. Shop features:
    • Product presentation to the final consumer
    • Information module
    • Сommunication module
    • SEO optimization
    • integration with external terminals
  4. 95-100% original content

Silver Оrganic Search option

  1. Domain as a gift
  2. Professionally developed technical specification based on your requirements, wishes and details of activity
  3. Homepage design
  4. Online store
    • Management of the site blocks, product data, catalog and pages
    • Site search
    • Analytics: sales history, reports, statistics
    • Corporate mail
    • Products data loading (150 units) using special Excel-file
    • Manual product data input – 20 units
    • Unique texts – 5 articles, 1 article is about 2500 – 3000 characters
    • Product rating, reviews, feedback form
    • Module Newest
    • Backup system
    • Integration with external terminals
  5. SEO optimization
  6. Training specialists
  7. Consultation on further opportunities after the launch of an online store

Gold Оrganic Search option

If Silver Оrganic Search option is good for business start then Gold Оrganic Search option is good for those customers who wants make his business more profitable and successful.

Gold Оrganic Search includes:

  1. Domain as a gift
  2. All modules of Silver Оrganic Search package
  3. Customer account
  4. Products data loading (200 units) using special Excel-file
  5. Module Newest
  6. Manual product data input – 40 units
  7. Unique texts – 7 articles
  8. integration with payment systems
  9. Groups in social networks
  10. Your photos copy protection
  11. Training specialists
  12. Consulting :
    • SEO-promotion
    • Contextual advertising
    • Advertising in social networks
    • Technical support after the launch of the store

Platinum Оrganic Search option

The best specialists of M&Q Software create for your business project your successful brand using the accumulated experience, knowledge and the secrets of the global network. The promotion of sites with links and old ways of advertising have long been a thing of the past. Today new effective methods have been developed, such as detailed control and verified distribution of the reference weight on the pages of an online store, professional linking. Your product goes to the top and you spend less money on advertising.

Package Platinum Оrganic Search includes:

  1. Domain as a gift
  2. All modules of Silver Оrganic Search and Gold Оrganic Search packages
  3. Mobile version
  4. CDN acceleration of the website
  5. Products data loading (1000 units) using special Excel-file
  6. Manual product data input – 100 units
  7. Unique texts – 10 articles
  8. Special offers blocks
  9. Groups in social networks
  10. Online chat module
  11. Training and consulting specialists after the launch of the store

Platinum Оrganic Search is the perfect variant for effective business.

"Organic Search" packages


On demand cu

  • Homepage design
  • 20 goods
  • 5 unique articles
  • SEO-optimization

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On demand cu

  • Unique design
  • 40 goods
  • 7 unique articles
  • SEO-optimization

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On demand cu

  • Unique design
  • 100 goods
  • 10 unique articles
  • SEO-optimization

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Additional services

Online Store Support

Your online store works, your business is on the top – it’s popular and in demand. If you are looking into the future and plan to hold a high level and top positions in search engines, then you need to enter new information constantly, respond to market changes timely and implement modern achievements in software and fashion trends in the global network.

If you are not in trend, we help you to rise to the top positions in the search, strengthen the review and technical relevance of your online store.

Technical support of online store
  • Consultation on various issues relating to the online store
  • Correction of errors
  • Hosting and mail managing
  • Your online store works constantly and correctly.
Price on demand
  • Silver Оrganic Search – 20 hours of service
  • Gold Оrganic Search –  30 hours of service
  • Platinum Оrganic Search – 50 hours of service

Filling of online store

Standard option includes:

  • Name of the product
  • Photo characterizing the product
  • General parameters and attributes of the product
  • The price of the product
  • Selecting a photo if you have it missing
Price – 2 cu per product

Writing unique texts

What is included?

  • Unique article on your subject
  • SEO-optimization
  • Accurate entering keywords into the article, allowing you to correctly and quickly find your product
  • Hidden advertising of your product / service based on the principles of neuro-linguistic programming
  • The article maintains corporate identity with regard to your company’s activities.
Unique text price – 15 cu per 1000 characters
Unique test and photo – 18 cu per 1000 characters

Our experts create professional text information that leads a customer to purchase in your virtual store.

Legend/business history creation

The first in our Galaxy are brands and companies with billions of dollars in turnover and millions of customers on the planet. Trademarks, company names that make hearts beat faster. People are studying history of these companies, trying to grasp the formulas of great financial success. Legends of world business. They are asked to share their strategies and ideas. These people look to the future and move there with cosmic speeds. But have you ever wondered why stories about them are so popular? There is always a legend for any successfull business, more often, of course, true, but professionally created. Such legend takes root into the head and initially forces to pay attention to the company, goods and services. Legends, the chronicle of business are written by experts. Every self-respecting brand is unthinkable without a legend. Legend – 50% of success.

The price on demand
Time – 10 – 20 days
  • Interview to define the concept
  • Legend writing – 100% unique text with keywords
  • Approving and editing

The history of your business, you as a successful person, is created by certified specialists in the sphere of neuro-linguistic programming (Standard USA) and business coaching.

Modules development

IT-specialists of the company will develop any module for your online store. The cost is determined individually, depending on the level of complexity of the module.

Minimal price is 1000 cu.

Promotion of online store

The global network can easily engulf any web resource, if you don’t promote it, don’t improve the position in the virtual network, don’t make your website or online store recognizable and don’t increase its visibility.

Promotion of the online store involves a certain list of works aimed at creating such conditions for positioning your brand, in which the user typing in the search engines the name of the product or service that you represent, will certainly see your online store in the top. And special ways of promotion will lead the potential client to you.

So the goal of optimizing a website or an online store is

  • Increase in positions in search engines
  • Broad coverage of target audience
  • Attracting a potential customer to a store or website
  • Increasing the number of visits and the rating of the site or online store

The cost of promoting the website or Organic Search online store is much less than the cost of advertizing activities. The effect of qualitative optimization is stronger and longer than the most sophisticated advertising that ends and the advertised goods or services are forgotten.

Promotion of an online store is a continuous work of specialists requiring analysis of changes in search robots, anticipation of new innovations and accurate adjustment to their changing requirements.

The result is a self-promoting site without the huge financial injections into advertising campaigns. Your web resource becomes highly productive and for a long time takes the leading positions

This service also includes promotion in social networks

Cost of promotion services:

The minimum contract period is 4 months – the real time for which it is possible to optimize the site, promote the brand and increase sales:

  • 4 months – 1000 c.u.
  • 5 months – 1200 c.u.
  • 6 months – 1350 c.u.
  • 12 months – 2400 c.u.


Examples of online store