Landing page

Landing Page

Generally Landing page is a single-page site, the purpose of which is the sale of one particular service or product.

Effective Landing Page can quickly increase financial profit or provide access to your information in a short time.

Landing page is

The latest achievements of advertising and design
Increase site conversion
Bringing attention to your business

When to use Landing page?

  • Low conversion rates on your web page. A visitor leaves your site but he does not become your customer
  • Low budget – you can’t order the developing of the site
  • You present new product
  • You have the site but it doesn’t help you to solve your marketing tasks
  • You start business and you want to become known

We use the innovative technology Landing-SEO Organic Search to create effective Landing Page. It allows you to rank on the first search page and increase conversion of your web page many times.

Stages of Landing page development:

  1. Definition of the objective and concept
  2. Analytical research of the market
  3. Identifying the target audience and analyzing the competitors
  4. Making a unique trade offer
  5. Design layout
  6. Texts and photos that cause customers to buy or order a product from you
  7. Design
  8. Developing and page making
  9. Hosting and testing
  10. Adding Google Analytics meters

Landing-SEO Оrganic Search

Ready-made design based on a modern premium template. You provide the necessary information. And we create the landing page considering rules of construction Landing Page.

Price on demand. 15 days

Landing-SEO Оrganic Search Gold

Exclusive design and advanced technology. You provide text information, functionality and your wishes for layout. The cost of the project is calculated based on your requirements.

Price on demand.

Additional services

Adaptive design

  • Adaptive Landing Page for mobile devices
  • Price on demand


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