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Management and Quality
OGRN 1089847200343
INN 7840390278 / KPP 781301001
Legal address 197022, Russia, St. Petersburg,
office 406, 26-H, 100A prospekt Bolshoi P.S. 

M&Q Ltd.

The company has been operating on the market for more than 10 years.

In the first years of working priority was the formation of a team capable of high-quality work

«M&Q» are talented specialists in the IT industry. We use an integrated approach by combining IT experts, photo designers, qualified professionals in the business, advertising and marketing. Any, even the most brilliant idea can be implemented if the team is able to work together and is aimed at achieving financial success by creating high-quality projects.


«M&Q» is:

  • IT innovation
  • Latest technologies
  • Time-tested style
  • And the best team

Over the years, we drank thousands of cups of tea and coffee, tasted them in different parts of the world, because travel is our hobby. And we decided to create our own online store from scratch before offering you our services

Online store of tea and coffee “Teashop” in St. Petersburg

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